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Pizza Box

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Tastes differ, but the difference between a good pizza and a top-quality pizza is unmistakable. The texture, the taste, the love. Bongiorno joins forces to create a taste sensation: only the very best ingredients for a world-class pizza. Freshly baked at home. We combine the airy base of one of the world's best pizzaiolo's with our intensely delicious Passate by Nonna Ada, oil and herbs in a fantastic marriage.
  • 1 kg top quality flour 5 Stagioni
  • Nonna Ada Sicilian bio passate
  • Tasty Sicilian olive oil
  • The best Sicilian organic herbs
  • 3 delicious Rocco Cagliostro recipes
  • Corno Napoletano key ring as the ultimate good luck charm
Enjoy top-class Italian food with your family, just as we enjoyed creating this Pizza Box for you.
Buon appetito & Buona fortuna!

28,00 VAT inclusive

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