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Action conditions

Competition rules | Bongiorno BV

Prick & Tap Win campaign Fiat 500

Article 1: The organiser

The company Bongiorno BV, whose registered office is located at Koning Boudewijnlaan 16 bus 3 in Genk (3600), registered in the Kruispuntbank van de Ondernemingen under number 0899.880.282 (hereinafter referred to as the 'organiser') is organising from 1 October 2021 to 31 January 2022 from 12:00 to 23:59 a game with an obligation to buy under the name "Prik & Tik Winactie Fiat 500" (hereinafter referred to as the 'action') in Belgium, which is accessible on the website (the Dutch language website) or (the French language website).


This action is organised in the participating Prik & Tik drinking centres and is promoted via promotional material in the participating drinking centres. Participation in the action implies explicit acceptance of these rules, without any reservation or prior condition. Infringement of these rules by the participant automatically invalidates his/her participation and leads to the loss of a possible prize, if applicable.


Article 2: Conditions for participants

The Action is exclusively reserved for physical persons of full age (according to the civil status) domiciled in Belgium (hereinafter the "Participant" or collectively the "Participants") with the exception of the personnel of the Organizer, their relatives in direct line and, in general, anyone who has directly or indirectly contributed to the development, elaboration and/or management of the Action. 


Article 3: Duration

The promotion runs and is valid from 1 October 2021 to 31 January 2022 at 23:59. The organiser reserves the right to extend, suspend or terminate the promotion at any time and without prior notice if circumstances so require. The organiser may not be held liable in such cases. These modifications or changes will be communicated in advance through the appropriate channels to the extent possible.


Article 4: Method and conditions of participation

In order to validly play and participate, the participant must 

  • purchase a Bongiorno food product at a Prik&Tik shop or via the Bongiorno webshop within the predetermined duration of the campaign and while stocks last. 
  • keep a valid proof of purchase. 
  • register via the competition page and leave details as indicated in Article 8. 


The winner will be announced in the week before 14 February and will be contacted by Bongiorno. Any costs incurred to participate in the Promotion will not be refunded.


Article 5: Price

The prize to be won is a red Fiat 500 with the Bongiorno logo stickered on it. 


In order to take part in the promotion, the winner must purchase a product from the Bongiorno range and then leave details (as stated in Article 8) on the competition page. This can be done at a participating Prik & Tik branch or via the Bongiorno webshop. To obtain the prize, a valid proof of purchase must be presented.


If the winner wishes to sell the prize, this can only be done after a period of 5 years. This period commences upon receipt of the prize. Any earlier sale will be regarded as a breach of the regulations. The Fiat 500 is supplied with stickers. The winner is obliged to retain the sticker for a period of 2 years starting from the date of receipt of the prize. If the sticker is removed earlier, this will be regarded as an infringement of the regulations. Additional costs for the car shall be borne by the winner. The VAT of the car shall be charged to the winner. 


The winner undertakes to provide accurate and up-to-date information. The winner is at all times responsible for the information that he/she communicates. The organiser cannot, under any circumstances, be held responsible if he/she is unable to reach the winner to inform him/her that he/she has won or if the prize is lost due to an incorrect or old address. The nature or value of the prize offered cannot be contested under any circumstances. It is not possible under any circumstances to request the equivalent of the prize in cash or in any other form. Should circumstances require, the organiser reserves the right to substitute a prize with any other prize of similar value. In this case, the winner will not be entitled to any consideration other than the new prize. No equivalent value of the prize in the promotion will be offered as compensation. The organiser will not provide any service or guarantee other than the delivery of the prize as described in the rules and disclaims all liability for any incident, accident and/or damage that may occur during the use of the prize. The organiser's liability cannot be invoked for the quality of the prize in relation to that announced or expected by the participant, the conditions of delivery or any damage of any kind (physical injury, moral, material, etc.) that may be suffered or caused by the winner or any other person. Any possible claim by the participant or a third party may only be made against the manufacturer of the product that comprises the prize.

Article 6: Breaches of these Regulations

The organiser undertakes to do its best to respect the equal rights of participants. Any infringement or attempted fraud contrary to these rules will invalidate the participation of the fraudster and lead to the loss of any prize won. Thus, the organiser may suspend or cancel the participation of one or more participants if suspicious or fraudulent behaviour is detected in order to unlawfully obtain the prize. The organiser decides on the exclusion or the re-admission of the concerned Participants entirely autonomously on the basis of the available information.


In case of complaints, participants are expected to provide proof that they have acted in accordance with these Regulations. The organiser cannot be held liable in this respect. The organiser may terminate all or part of the competition if it appears that fraud has been committed in any form, including computer fraud. The organiser reserves the right to pursue those responsible for violating these regulations by any means necessary and in particular by legal proceedings.

Article 7: Liability

7.1 The prize: The organiser assumes no responsibility for the condition of the prize. In the event of a defect in the prize, the winner is invited to make his/her claim directly to the manufacturer of their prize. 


7.2 Changes to the game: The organiser shall not be held liable if, for reasons beyond its control, this promotion is wholly or partially modified, shortened, postponed or cancelled, even without prior notice, if circumstances so require. To the extent possible, these modifications or changes will be announced in advance through the appropriate channels.


Article 8: Personal data

Participants shall allow any useful verification of their identity and place of residence. Any false declaration, indication of identity or incorrect address shall lead to the immediate elimination of the participant concerned and, where appropriate, to the reimbursement of the prize already withdrawn. 


The winner accepts that his/her name, photos or a report of the action or its results may be used by the organiser for publicity or editorial purposes, without any compensation being claimed. The personal data necessary for the implementation of the action will be processed. In order to take part in the action, you must provide the following information (hereinafter "the data"):

  • First name
  • Surname
  • Postcode
  • Municipality
  • Address (street + number)
  • Number of Bongiorno products
  • Prick&Tick shop of purchase
  • Date of purchase
  • Total purchase amount


The data of the participants are collected for the purpose of participating in the action described in these regulations and are kept for this purpose for the duration of the action, increased by 4 months to cover the period for receiving the prize. Nevertheless, prior to their deletion, the data may be kept in intermediate archives for the duration of the legal limitation period in order to preserve proof of your participation, the sending of the prize or your consent to the defence of the organiser's rights. These data may be processed on paper or by automated processing. This information is intended for the Organizer acting as the data controller, for the companies of its group and its subcontractors, including the Organizer. In accordance with applicable law and the European Data Protection Regulation in force since 25 May 2018, participants have a right of access, rectification, withdrawal, partial or total deletion of the personal data concerning them, which they may exercise by making a written request to : Bongiorno BV - Koning Boudewijnlaan 16 bus 3 - 3600 GENK or at the following e-mail address: They are also entitled to the portability of the data. Moreover, the participants also have the possibility of establishing specific or general guidelines, which may be modified or deleted at any time, concerning certain processing operations, the storage, deletion and communication of their personal data in the event of their death. The specific guidelines may be registered with the controller. General Guidelines may be registered with a trustworthy digital third party certified by the competent authority. Finally, participants have the right to lodge a complaint with the competent authority, namely: - Data Protection Authority (DPA) with regard to participants residing in Belgium


Article 9: Inspection of the Regulations

It is stated that these regulations can be consulted freely at the cash desk of your participating drinking centre and on the website (the english website) or (the French-language website).


Article 10: Disputes

Any difficulties in the interpretation or application of these regulations will be settled by the organiser in accordance with Belgian law. Any behaviour by a participant that could harm the image of the organiser and/or is contrary to public order and/or morality may result in the invalidation of that participant's participation in the campaign. The organiser may, automatically and without prior notice, exclude any participant who has not complied with these regulations and proceed to the pure and simple cancellation of the prize to which that participant may be entitled. If one of the clauses of these rules becomes invalid due to a change in legislation, deregulation or judicial decision, this will have no effect on the validity and observance of the other clauses of these rules. 6 These regulations are subject to Belgian law. No requests (written, oral or otherwise) will be answered concerning the interpretation or application of these rules, the conditions and/or the mechanism of the action and the determination of the winner. In the event of a dispute or complaint, for whatever reason, the request must be sent to the organiser at the address stated in article 1 within a maximum period of 7 days following the closure of the competition (postmark as proof), under penalty of forfeiture of rights. Any disputes that may arise in connection with these regulations and that cannot be settled amicably shall fall within the jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of Antwerp. 

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