It's dark. It's boozy. It's a secret.

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Art of Bongiorno

The art of Bongiorno consists of four artistically developed themes in which the four pillars of La Famiglia Bongiorno are represented. Passione, Amore, Tradizione and Famiglia. This traditional Sicilian art can be found on various objects and recently even in the fashion world. With these illustrations, the Sicilians traditionally tell their most important life stories. Bongiorno continues this tradition with its own artistic line, the 'The art of Bongiorno' line.

Everything about Sicily is "Passione".

For generations, the Bongiorno family's passion has been fuelled by the fire of the volcano Etna. For both Don Pepé and his son Vincenzo, passion flows through their veins, just as lava flows through Etna.

It is their craftsmanship, inspired by the gifts of naturethat they use throughout the production process. From the cultivation of the right fruits to the final product in which you can taste everything Sicily has to offer.

That is what we call the good life, The Pure Italian Taste.

The Amore of the Bongiorno family

Using the right ingredients is extremely important. You do it with love! That is why we guard the quality of our products, set the highest standards and select every ingredient with love.

Our love is reflected in the whole process, from bottling and presentation to tasting. In our delicious liqueurs you can taste the sun and love ... an experience you will not easily forget.

That's Amore!


Tradizione stands for the right to pass on customs and rituals from generation to generation. The Tradizione is reflected in the typical home-made dishes and drinks. Recipes approved through the centuries and perfected by many generations. Tradizione is also the right way, order and timing to process the ingredients.

It is the reason why the fruit peels are put on alcohol 24 hours after the harvest in order to preserve precious aromas. Tradizione is in every celebration and every occasion.

Tradizione means knowing what is good in life and enjoying it accordingly, as we were taught by our ancestors.



You cannot go through life alone with Passione, Amore and Tradizione. You need the Famiglia. The Famiglia is the foundation on which the good life rests.


In the Famiglia, you work together, you live together, you celebrate together, you care for each other together. In the Famiglia, no one is ever left alone. The Famiglia is warmth and the sharing of good and bad times. The Famiglia does not only consist of family members, but of everyone who lives according to the Passione, Amore and Tradizione, in short according to the values of the Famiglia.

Benvenutti nella famiglia Bongiorno!

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