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Fragoline di bosco 25° 70cl

In the fields and woods around Verona, the morning dew smells of delicious, sweet, wild strawberries. Centuries ago, these cute little berries conquered the heart of Romeo and Juliet with their intense smell and taste. More recently, they have also won the heart of the Bongiorno family.

When the day is still fresh, the inhabitants of the region go out in search of these aromatic fruits. After regular quality control by Vincenzo Bongiorno, the freshly picked fruits go straight to the distillery where they are accompanied by alcohol and a touch of sugar, and then the mixture is allowed to mature for a very long time in dark, cool cellars.

Fragoline di bosco is a deliciously balanced liqueur, sweet without exaggeration, and breathes the atmosphere of the Emilia Romanga region.

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Delicious cocktails made with Fragoline di bosco 25° 70cl

Gelato Fragolina

Fragoline di bosco Bongiorno - pure

Gelato Fragolina

Fragoline di bosco - Bellini Canella

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